Meet our suppliers: West Country Foods

A head of our new Autumn/Winter menu, we’re catching up with West Country Foods, a supplier we’ve been working with for over 20 years.

Delivering seasonal, high-quality ingredients to our pubs across the South West, our menu has been designed to showcase the very best of the local produce available in the region. West Country Foods plays a key part in securing the success of our food. We’re speaking to Managing Director, Roger Rossignol, as he catches up with Jeremy Best, the owner of Mitchell Fruit Garden


How long have West Country Foods be providing the South West?

West Country Foods can trace its roots back to 1856. We were originally a fresh produce business that supplied the packet ships coming into Falmouth. Over the years, we diversified into supplying fresh produce to the retail environment. As the food, tourism, and hospitality sectors flourished here in Cornwall, we then also started to supply restaurants, hotels, and cafes – the brewery is a key customer for us.


How long have you been working with your suppliers?

We value our supplier relationships – West Country has been working with Jeremy from Mitchell Fruit Garden for over 25 years. They’re a long-standing supplier of ours and grow outstanding strawberries. It’s fantastic for us to be able to provide such fantastic produce to restaurants across the South West. 


What makes Cornish produce stand out?

We’ve been providing West Country Foods with strawberries and other soft fruit for over 25 years. Food in Cornwall especially comes from a very short distance and as a result, we have a much lower carbon footprint than most and also, of course, because of that we’re picking in the morning and providing West Country in the afternoon, so it really couldn’t be fresher. 


Why West Country Foods?

West Country Foods have a very long-established supply chain here in the South West and a strong ethos around securing the best product that’s fresh, in-season, and locally grown. Wherever possible, we’ll support local growers in the local supply chain which is helping to recycle money in the local economy, trickling money down to growers and people that will then spend money in the pubs as well. 

The South West is fairly unique in terms of the food and drink proposition now, people have to be innovative and I think that the food sector in particular has seen so much innovation. The product quality here is fantastic, it’s renowned and has won awards both nationally and internationally. For consumers, it’s a really nice story that they can taste and see the products being grown – someone does actually take care about where that food has come from and what is being presented on the plate is of highly quality, fresh and great tasting. 


Try our new A/W menu

Taste the difference for yourself in our pubs this Autumn-Winter season. Made using the freshest, local ingredients, our dishes have been created with this in mind, showcasing the very best of the South West. Snuggle up by the fire and discover your new favourite, perfectly paired with one of our award-winning pints.