Ultimate Match: Beer and Food Pairings

T o celebrate the launch of our new autumn and winter menus, we’ve paired some of our favourite dishes with our beers.

Not only do our brews and culinary creations taste exceptional as they come, but opting for the following pairings can enhance and complement certain flavours. Let us know what you think!


Fish & Chips 

Beer: Tribute pale ale

A classic dish calls for a classic beer. Tribute (4.2% abv), our light and zesty, easy-drinking pale ale, is the perfect match for fish & chips – the most popular choice on our menus. Being located in the South West, a true seafood haven, means our chefs have access to outstanding, locally caught fish. Our latest catches are supplied by Matthew Stevens, based in the Cornish coastal gem of St Ives. We also do a delicious banana blossom veggie alternative.


Malaysian Laksa

Beer: Proper Job IPA

This spicy staple from the South East of Asia goes down a treat with Proper Job (4.5% abv) – our powerful and authentic IPA packed with citrus, pineapple, and grapefruit flavours. Red peppers, mangetout, spinach & cauliflower florets meet fresh chillies cooked in a spicy coconut curry broth. Rice noodles and a topping of fresh coriander complete this tasty vegan dish, but you can choose to add pan-seared chicken breast, butterflied black tiger prawns, or smoked tofu. A real treat with our punchy IPA Proper Job; the beer’s bold flavours stand up well to the spice.


Chicken Supreme

Beer: Gem amber ale

Our oven-roasted chicken supreme is served with a wild mushroom & tarragon sauce, sautéed woodland mushrooms, crispy garlic polenta, and wilted spinach. It’s a must with Gem amber ale (4.1% abv cask; 4.8% bottle). Bath Ales’ flagship beer has rich aromas of spicy hops, malt, and toffee, with a deep, bittersweet finish. The earthy flavours of the dish work a treat with malt-driven beers like Gem – a true harmonisation. 


West Country 8oz Steak

Beer: korev lager

Whether it’s sirloin or rump, a proper steak is best paired with the clean, crisp notes of korev lager. Inspired by the sea and coastline of our Cornwall homeland, korev (4.8% abv) is a lager brewed in the Helles style. This hearty surf and turf pairing also treats your taste buds to garlic & chive butter, a Cornish sea salt & thyme slow-roasted plum tomato, a portobello mushroom, and triple-cooked chips. Thanks to its carbonation, each sip of korev gently cleanses your palate in between bites.


Black Forest Trifle

Beer: Mena Dhu stout

The chocolatey goodness of this delectable dessert marries wonderfully with the rich, velvety notes of Mena Dhu (4.5% abv) stout. A kirsch-infused chocolate brownie combines with griottine cherries, cherry compote, and crème anglaise. It’s finished with a Chantilly cream topping and chocolate crumb. Mena Dhu is unique, complex, and flavoursome, yet light and refreshing; an oak-smoked aroma is met with hints of liquorice and dark chocolate on the palate.