Try a Cask Club pint this Summer

O ur small batch brewery is where our team craft limited-edition cask beers and collaborate with small breweries. Here's the round up of the innovative ales you can try this season...

We've long championed cask ale. It's our national drink, the freshest and most natural beer on the bar, and only available in pubs.

Even the most popular beers - the ones that seem to have been around forever - were invented at some point and many of St Austell Brewery's flagship beers, such as Tribute pale ale, started out as experimental small-batch beers. 


Innovative limited editions

That's the reason we give our brewers the space to innovate and create limited-edition beers; you never know which one might turn out to be a future classic. Cask Club is how our customers get to try this boutique brews at select pubs and we love getting their feedback. 


A living product

Everything about cask beer is unprocessed and the result of raw, quality ingredients. Cask beer is a living product which is unpastuerised and unfiltered - unlike kegged beer. While the latter is filtered and force-carbonated, cask beer is is naturally conditioned and undergoes a secondary stage of fermentation inside the barrel to let the character develop as it ages. It's the reason cask beer has that undeniably fresh taste when compared to other beers. 

The possibilities of flavours and styles are almost endless when making beer in this way and can result in drinks as diverse as citrusy pale ales, malty bitters and chocolatey stouts. 


Collabs and AI beers

Our brewing team employ novel and intriguing methods and this year's Cask Club line-up features a range of beer styles, strengths and collaborations. The season kicked off in March when small batch manager Barnaby Skerrett used AI to write a beer recipe, resulting in Hand Brewed by Robots. In May, Anthony Plum created Last of the Jed IPA (released on the 4th of May, of course.)


Fresh releases

July 12 Home Run (Steiner collaboration) 3.4% session American pale ale, brewed by Mat Henney

July 26 Talk of the Town 4.2% traditional English ale, brewed by Joe Baker

August 2 Franklin 4.5% hopped porter, brewed by Wil Ekins

August 9 Super Critical 5.5% liquid hop DIPA, brewed by Barnaby Skerrett

August 23 Tereba Nessa 4.8% brown ale, brewed by Andy Routledge

August 30 Goalies Choice 4% bitter, brewed by Sebastian Powell

September 6 Piney the Elder 4.5% spruce IPA, brewed by Felix Granell

September 20 Rye Always Me? 4.2% rye harvest ale, brewed by Lee Reed-Bennett


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