We’ve made the world’s first left-handed beer can - April Fools!

W e’re proud to release the world’s first beer can designed exclusively for left-handed drinkers.

The new can features an ergonomic grip and a strategically placed ring-pull to ensure easy and comfortable use by left-handed beer lovers.

This long overdue innovation solves a problem that left-handed people have endured for generations: the frustration of drinking from a can that’s designed exclusively for right-handed people. Our design offers improved stability and control, allowing for a more enjoyable and spill-free drinking experience.

Laura McKay, Marketing & Communications Director, St Austell Brewery, said: “Our revolutionary can design is testament to our commitment to innovation and addressing the needs of all our customers. In a market traditionally dominated by right-handed designs, this new can offers an enhanced drinking experience for the estimated 10% of the global population who are left-handed.”

St Austell Brewery beers - including Tribute pale ale, Proper Job IPA, and korev lager - are now showcasing the new can design on supermarket shelves nationwide. The company is also due to be rolling out left-handed pint glasses to pubs across the South West later this year.


April Fools!