Launching our new 'Pub Flex' scheme

W e’re excited to launch our new flexible career scheme, Pub Flex, allowing you the opportunity to boost your income, whenever it suits you.

Book shifts on demand at our sites across the South West – open to everyone of all ages and levels of experience. 


As the South West’s leading pub company, we’ve launched a new flexible and inclusive careers scheme – Pub Flex. Launching this week, Pub Flex understands that everybody has different circumstances and responsibilities, and has been launched to attract new team members by offering shifts and hours that suit workers of all ages, all skill sets, and from all walks of life. 

Whether you are looking to boost your income by picking up a few extra shifts, work your hours around the school run, or simply have more balance to enjoy our beautiful surroundings where our pubs are based, the new scheme offers ultimate flexibility. There are no minimum number of weekly or monthly hours required to sign up to the app, where shifts will be posted regularly as soon as they become available. 

Those interested will find a variety of local job vacancies up for grabs on the app – from front-of-house roles, to supporting kitchen crews, and housekeeping teams. All roles pay £9.50 per hour and are easy to sign up for in seconds. 

Pub Flex members will receive some enviable benefits too, including a £25 gift card – simply for signing up – which can be spent in any of our managed pubs and brewery shops, as well as 10% off food and drink in all our managed sites. 


Tamsyn Allington, People and Communications Director, said:

“We acknowledge that the way we all work has vastly changed in the last 50 years, and Covid only accelerated that change.


P ost-pandemic, it’s so important for hospitality businesses like us to offer balance, tangible benefits, and genuine flexibility, as well as career-paths for those who want to progress in the industry.

On the diversity of the work force St Austell Brewery hope to attract: “Young people coming into the hospitality sector continues to be essential, but there are so many other groups of people who would be great employees, such as retirees looking for a new challenge or a bit of extra income. We want to offer jobs for people of all ages and from all walks of life in our pubs. 

“Once you experience hospitality, even in the toughest of times, it is an industry you passionately fall in love with,” she said. “That’s what keeps people there - it’s the buzz, the energy, the incredible diversity of customers and experiences you can have. Having the chance to introduce such a phenomenal industry to work in, at a pace to suits everybody, will hopefully slowly build towards hospitality being a more desired industry for people to enter into.”