5 Reasons Why Cask Is King

W e’re raising a glass to the unbeatable taste of cask beer, to mark Cask Ale Week. Nothing beats that pub-fresh pint, but how well do you know our favourite export?

Here are five reasons why cask is still very much king and set to rule for a long time to come.



Barley, water, hops, and yeast. Cask beer has been brewed this way for centuries, making it an integral part of British pub culture. It’s a tradition worth every sip. We make ours with Maris Otter barley grown by Cornish farmers – a heritage variety that produces a distinctive malty flavour and brilliant beer clarity.



Everything about cask beer is unprocessed and the result of raw, quality ingredients. Cask is a living beer that’s unpasteurised and unfiltered, unlike kegged beer. While this means it has a shorter shelf life, nothing can beat that fresh taste.



The possibilities of cask beer are endless. A kaleidoscope of flavours can be found across all manner of beer styles, from citrusy pale ales to malty bitters and chocolatey stouts. They pair brilliantly with food too. Complimenting a meal with the perfect pint can enhance your overall dining experience.



Unlike kegged beers, which are filtered and force-carbonated, cask beer is naturally conditioned and undergoes a secondary stage of fermentation inside the barrel. This allows the character and flavour of the brew to continue to develop as it ages. All the more reason to head back to the pub!



Dealing with live yeast requires skill and care. As the beer matures, its flavour profile deepening like a fine wine over time, it’s crucial that the barrel is stored properly in the cellar. The beer must be kept at the right temperature, in spotless conditions, and poured through clean pipes before it lands in your glass.