Technical Trouble Shooting

The expertly trained, highly skilled Technical Services team are the first point of call for customers experiencing maintenance issues.

They are able to troubleshoot any problems you may have with your beer supply either over the phone or arrange for an engineer to visit your site.

The team are on hand and ready to help with any dispense and technical advice.

Technical Services

No beer coming through after a line clean

Have you switched your remote cooler off half an hour prior to the line clean? If not the line might be frozen. Switch the cooler off and allow time for it to defrost. If this doesn’t solve the problem please call your principal brewer.

No water coming through during the line clean

Have you switched your remote cooler off half an hour prior to the line clean? If not the line might be frozen. Switch the cooler off and allow time for it to defrost. If this doesn’t solve the problem please call your principal brewer.

I’m doing a line clean and the float won’t stay up on the Cellar buoy

Check that the all of the secondary gas valves are switched off, the only gas valve that should be on is the one supplying the cleaning gas pump. You will then need to bleed the lines of air by bleeding each Cellar buoy individually or opening each tap in the bar. This should resolve the issue, if not call your principal brewer.

My keg cream flow bitter is serving flat?

Check the following and if this doesn’t resolve your issue please call your principal brewer;

  • Make sure the correct brand diffuser if fitted (This is fitted on the end of the tap)
  • Check the diffuser disc is in place
  • Check all the holes are clear of debris
  • Make sure the correct gas is in use
My keg lager is dispensing slow

Check the following;

  • Is the keg empty?
  • Ensure the gas supply to the keg is connected to full cylinders and is turned on
  • Check the gas supply to the keg coupler is turned on at the secondary valve.
  • If applicable check the electric pump is switched on and that the pump is primed.
  • If not electric make sure the gas supply to it is switched on.
  • If you still have slow lager you should speak to the brand owner of that product.
My keg lagers and beers are warm

If all your keg beers and lagers are serving warm find your remote cooler and check it is switched on, if it is then call your principal brewer as soon as possible.

My keg lager is losing its head

The main reason for this is dirty glasses, make sure your glass washer is cleaned and serviced regularly. Make sure the correct cleaning and rinse aid products are being used and don’t use it for anything other than glasses – like coffee cups.

  • Replace damaged or scratched glasses
  • Do not polish glasses
  • Always stack your glasses using the proper stacking mats.
My keg lager is fobbing

Lager should be served at 4-6 degrees centigrade. Coolers are used to reduce the temperature of the lager. Make sure they are switched on and the grill is free of blockage. Also check your electric pump is switched on and primed or that your gas pump has not been accidentally turned off.

  • Other cause could be due to poor line cleaning or the lager dispensing too quickly.
  • Check whether it is the correct nozzle on the tap (not a creamer nozzle).
My keg beer undercounter cooler is leaking

Every couple of weeks you should drain water from the cooler. If the water doesn’t come out this means ice has formed, switch it off until water does flow and then switch it back on.

My keg beer is cloudy?

Check if your lines need cleaning, it could be a yeast build up in your lines. Shine a torch through the beer pipes and if you see a brown stain then you have a yeast build up.

I think I have a gas leak on my keg beer system
  • If you suspect you have a major gas leak ventilate the cellar and warn staff to keep out, call your principal brewer immediately.
  • If you suspect it is a small leak try switching off the cellar cooling, the keg couplers and gas pumps. If you have been cleaning make sure you switch off the cleaning gas pump.
  • Listen for any hissing sounds, start at the gas cylinders.
  • Make sure the gas bottle connections are tight, if they are tight and you can hear or feel gas escaping it may be the seals on the connections that are worn or lost. Try replacing them.
  • Make sure keg couplers are fitted correctly, if you can still feel or hear gas escaping you may have a faulty keg.
  • Check that the gas cylinder was replaced with a full one and not another empty one.
  • Remember to switch the cellar cooling back on.
There isn’t any keg beer coming out of the tap
  • In the cellar, check the plastic see through fob detector is full of beer. If it is empty the keg is empty so change to a new keg.
  • Make sure the gas to the keg is switched on.
  • Check full gas bottles are connected and that they are turned on.
  • If there are electric pumps, check they are switched on and the prime button has been pressed.
  • Check the tap, make sure the diffusers / sparklers are clean and free from contamination.
  • If beer is still not serving call your principal brewer.
My beer tap bar lighting isn’t working
  • Locate the lighting transformers which power the bar lights, make sure it is switched on at the socket.
  • If the power is on, make sure the on/off switch on the transformer is switched on.
  • If it is still not working speak to your principal brewer.
Water is coming out of the keg beer remote cooler
  • Firstly, see if you can identify where the water is coming from – if it is a general leak coming from the bottom of your machine you will need to call your principal brewer to organise a technician to come out and look at it.
  • If the water is running out of a tube near the top, or on the side near the top of the machine then this is perfectly normal. This is the machines overflow, there is also condensation which can cause small amounts of water on or around the top of the remote.
My cask beer is tasting off and flat
  • Check the cellar temperature is around 11-13 degrees, if not your beer might be too cold.
  • Was the cask vented properly?
  • How long has the beer been on – it might be past its best.
My real ale is flat but tastes great
  • Are you serving it correctly? With the swan neck at the bottom of the glass, correct sparkler and a steady even pull?
  • Is it the correct temperature?
The cask ale is very lively
  • Is it the correct temperature?
  • Have you vented and conditioned the cask properly?
  • When did you last clean your lines? This should be done once a week at least.
  • Is the hop filter fitted and the cask tap nut tight enough?
  • Is the sparkler over tightened?
  • Don’t try to pull your beer engine too quickly.
My beer engine is stiff
  • Is the cask tap open?
  • Is there a gas pump? If so, is it turned on?
  • Are the hop filters clean?
  • If on the stillage system - is the hard peg still in the barrel?
  • If using Rod extraction - is the vent open on the side of the extractor tap?
  • If it is still a problem call your principal brewer.

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