The Visitor Centre

D iscover St Austell Brewery's rich history as one of Cornwall's oldest businesses, and get a glimpse into how our top-quality pints are produced.

Meet your perfect day out in Cornwall, whatever the season. 

Offering an interactive experience, tours of the historic family brewery, a newly refurbished shop stocked with our premium beers, and an array of gifts - a visit to St Austell Brewery is certainly not one to be missed. 

If you don't have time for one of our two tours, you can still enjoy our visitor centre where you'll delve into the history of the brewery. 

With indoor and outdoor seating available, get a true taste of Cornwall and quench your thirst with one of our flagship beers - or, perhaps some of our unique Small Batch Brews. You'll find something to satisfy every taste inside the famous Hicks Bar, with delicious, locally sourced dishes to accompany our top-quality pints. 


Open 9am - 5pm, everyday excluding Sunday.