Harlequin IPA returns for cask ale week

W e’ve brought back one of our most popular limited-edition beers for Cask Ale Week (September 23rd - October 3rd).

Harlequin IPA will make an exclusive return for the cask ale week.

Harlequin, a golden English IPA, is available exclusively at our managed houses and pubs across the West Country.

The beer champions an award-winning British hop variety of the same name and was first released as part of our Small Batch Brew series in 2019. The hop is sourced from our supplier, Charles Faram, as part of its development programme. It was crowned ‘Best New Variety’ at the IBD National Hop Awards in 2019.

Due to demand, Harlequin was relaunched as a special seasonal beer for Cask Ale Week 2020 and bottled for the first time in March 2021. 

Harlequin’s citrus and floral aroma is met with juicy passion fruit, apricot, and pomegranate notes on the palate. The beer offers both an assertive bitterness and a balanced drinkability that’s not commonly associated with 4.6% English IPAs. 

Georgina Young, Brewing Director, said:

W e’re constantly on the lookout for exciting hop varieties to experiment with, from all over the world.

"Harlequin showcases an exciting hop that originates from the Charles Faram Development programme, where it was grown from a single seed in 2015."

“We were given the chance to brew the variety early on in its development stage. The Small Batch we produced was so popular and sought-after, we brewed it again for last year’s Cask Ale Week. It seems right to celebrate this year’s event with another batch.”

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